Free Setup on Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business costs $5/user/month, the same price you’d get buying directly from Google. OnPoint offers the same great features including Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive and Docs with the added convenience of FREE setup.

Click the gold Setup Google Apps for free button and get started in just 2 easy steps.

1.Fill out the online form with your company and domain information

2. Provide payment information for your monthly/yearly user accounts and check out

An OnPoint representative will contact you within 24 hours.

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OnPoint Privacy Policy

OnPoint LLC takes the security and privacy of your billing information very seriously and uses the data we collect for internal purposes only. OnPoint does not provide any of our client information to third parties either by way of rent or sale and collects client information for the sole purpose of supporting your account. All transactional information is handled off of our company servers and stored securely in PCI compliant data centers by industry leading providers of merchant services - we do not keep any client credit card information of any kind in our records or files. Please note that for security we strongly encourage our clients to utilize our online shopping cart for payments and subscriptions.

OnPoint Refund and Cancellation Policy

Google Apps and Google Apps for Business - There is no refund available for the $99 one time setup fee for customers choosing Google Apps (up to 10 users for free - no monthly fees) or the Google Apps for Business monthly fee $5/user/month. Like Google, we encourage our clients who are needing to have the maximum flexibility of adding or removing users to elect the monthly option, once ordered and paid for the sale is final. If the client would like to remove a user or an account, doing so before their current month ends is required to avoid billing an additional month.

Migration - Fees for migration are only refundable if OnPoint is unable to successfully perform the migration as detailed in the quotation provided to the customer. Once the migration has been completed to the satisfaction of the customer no refund will be provided. In the event that a migration is incomplete or unsuccessful the paid amount will be divided by the number of accounts where migration had been ordered and a refund issued only for those where the migration proved to be unsuccessful.

Training - Training costs are fully creditable or refundable for any unused portion during the contract period. No credit or refund will be given for training gained as part of a promotion.

Web Hosting, Domain Registration and Digital Assets - As we are not able to get a refund on web hosting, domain name registration or digital assets, once approved and ordered by the client, there are no refunds for these services.

Other services - Satisfaction is guaranteed on all other OnPoint services where the client agrees to pay for service rendered. If at any point a client is not happy with the promised services they are entitled to a refund should the terms of the agreement not be met.