Free Setup on Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business costs $5/user/month, the same price you’d get buying directly from Google. OnPoint offers the same great features including Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive and Docs with the added convenience of FREE setup.

Click the gold Setup Google Apps for free button and get started in just 2 easy steps.

1.Fill out the online form with your company and domain information

2. Provide payment information for your monthly/yearly user accounts and check out

An OnPoint representative will contact you within 24 hours.

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New domains and new addresses on Google Apps for Business are great but what if you have an existing domain with accounts that require access to those messages? Enter Google Apps Migration. We will move all of your emails and files from their existing location to Google Apps for Business, so you do not miss a step. We know this process needs to be seamless, and we are here to provide that transition. For as little as $99, we will move all of your files and get you saving and more productive using Google Apps for Business

OnPoint provides various options for email migration depending on client need:

Admin/Server Migration

  • Migrate all your company users on your mail server.
  • Requires mail server (Microsoft Exchange/Lotus Notes) access

Individual/Client Migration

  • Migrate users one at a time.
  • Require individual account access

Let us know what your needs are and we will provide you a quote for your email migration.
Pricing starts at $99 for 1-5 users.