Free Setup on Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business costs $5/user/month, the same price you’d get buying directly from Google. OnPoint offers the same great features including Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive and Docs with the added convenience of FREE setup.

Click the gold Setup Google Apps for free button and get started in just 2 easy steps.

1.Fill out the online form with your company and domain information

2. Provide payment information for your monthly/yearly user accounts and check out

An OnPoint representative will contact you within 24 hours.

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Google Apps for Business Training

To get the most out of all that Google Apps for Business provides it is often recommended to make subtle changes to the way things are done. With the limitations of traditional systems removed, many of the benefits of Google Apps for Business are realized through a series of training sessions unlocking some of the most fundamental benefits of productivity and time savings for your employees.

Some of the most popular training modules include:

  • Labels vs. Folders - organize and find all your messages and files using Google labels
  • Microsoft Office Cloud Connect - Use your existing MS Office products with Google Apps
  • Offline documents - sync docs and spreadsheets for viewing and editing offline
  • Multiple Inbox - use both your personal and business gmail logging into only one account
  • Aliases and Groups - utilize the alias and group features of Google Apps for Business
  • Templates - make short work of documents you often go back to
  • Sites - create websites for internal and external use without any coding or design
  • Google Apps mobile - taking your mail and docs to your phone and tablet